The Journey Begins

I would really like to be making my first post from my most recent travel destination, a cafe in Paris, a pub in London, the beach in Barbados. Somewhere. I could totally lie and say I was, but I’m not. I am at home alternating which child I drag back in to bed after their 30th time of coming out for whatever random reason they can think of (no exaggeration). I would like to be able to ignore them and say no but you can’t really say “no you can’t go to the bathroom” to your potty training 3 year old no matter how much you know she doesn’t actually have to go. The older got sent to bed at 8:00 because she is her own worst enemy – more on that constant battle at a different time.

Hmmm where to start. I guess I will begin with my inability to stay on track with an exercise regime. I cannot, I repeat cannot exercise in a gym. I truly will not give it my all with people around me, it is a weird quirk of mine since many people have the opposite problem. I call myself skinny-fat. It’s actually a known term and is defined by a skinny person who looks good in clothes but is flabby and untoned with little to no muscle mass. That is me. I’ve never battled weight but I am sure out of shape. I have been a member of the free online exercise following called Bodyrock (now known as the Daily Hiit) since 2011,  but always seemed to find enough excuses to slowly fizzle out. Tomorrow is the start of a new 30 day challenge with them which I plan to begin once again. I made a promise to myself as this new year passed, that I would get in to shape for the first time in my life. I need the energy, strength, clarity, confidence, and mood elevation that exercise brings because I am just so tired. I feel like I have been living life on auto pilot for years. My sleep is restless, my temper is short, my eating habits are very, very bad. I need an overhaul. This post reminds me that I have to dig out my weights and yoga mat for tomorrow because we recently moved and I don’t think I came across them yet. That also reminds me that I need to finish unpacking, which goes right back to the being to tired and zombie like to motivate myself to finish.

This is not going to be an fitness or exercise blog. I hope it is a life blog. A blog that follows my journey to finding and waking up the parts of me that went dormant from lack of use when I became a mom. A blog that follows me while I try to find my own identity and pursue my own goals and dreams.


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