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I am Sara, 35, married for 10 years, with two girls age 10 and 4. I have been a mother for 10 years and somewhere along the way that is all I have become. I lost myself during some unknown moment and am trying to find the path back. I am an ambitious procrastinator, a hopeful traveler,  a self taught wannabe linguist, and a history loving, bibliophile, with the deep desire to put down roots in a foreign country. One so filled with history you can feel it in your soul. I also want to start being a freelance writer. So if you have any advice just comment below or shoot me an email through my contact form. To give you an idea of who I am, I present you a list of random facts about me.

  1. I am completely disorganized. I have grandiose plans although they never get fully accomplished.
  2. I am introverted, not shy.
  3. I do get social anxiety sometimes though. I think that has more to do with the fact that I suck at small talk and chasing around a 4 year old who is borderline wild does not equate to good times.
  4. I am a cup half empty kind of person. The eternal pessimist. The upside? I never expect anything to work out so if it does I am genuinely surprised and thankful.
  5. I play the lottery weekly because if I don’t, then you know my numbers will be drawn next week. This goes back to the pessimist/cup half empty thing.
  6. I am Agnostic.
  7. I’ve got a potty mouth. I used the F word as verb, adverb, adjective, command, interjection, and noun. Sometimes all at once.
  8. I get uncomfortable when people say my name. It’s hard to explain, but it almost doesn’t feel like it is my name or that they are talking to me.
  9. I can’t relax. Even if I try meditation or yoga I can never clear my head. I don’t get massages for this reason as well.
  10. I consider myself skinny-fat and am going to try to hard to change that.
  11. I really want to get a Standard Poodle and name her Scheherazade. I saw it in an old black and white movie a long time ago and it stuck. I can’t remember the movie so if you know what it is called I would love to hear it.
  12. I wish I could time travel. I only have interest of going back in time not forward.
  13. My favourite movie is The Sound of Music. I don’t know why.
  14. I think I was visited by an alien when I was 5. I remember waking up to it standing in the corner of my room staring at me.
  15. I hate using text speak. If you text me expect a slight delay in response time because my reply will be full length.
  16. I get car sick.
  17. I prefer overcast and rainy to sunny.
  18. My dream is to live in Europe. I haven’t finalized my preferred destination yet though.
  19. I homeschool my children……well child #2 isn’t old enough yet. I do not homeschool for religious purposes (see #6) but because I feel that education isn’t one size fits all.
  20. I prefer tea to coffee.
  21. Red is my favourite colour, but I usually wear a lot of black.
  22. After highschool I applied to college for Interior Design. My portfolio got “lost” in the mail and they could not process my application without it. Dream squashed.
  23. I guess that worked out because I am not really creative. I can do some creative type things like sewing and mediocre drawing if I have something to copy (patterns or pictures). But I cannot come up with an idea on my own.
  24. I really want to search my family Genealogy but I do not know where to start. I guess I am hoping that I will find out one of my grandparents had citizenship to another country and I can get my own granted because of this (goes with #18). Wishful thinking.
  25. I don’t know how to coupon.
  26. I used to be a people pleaser but now I am just bitchy.


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